10 Brilliant Reasons Why Is Fascinating To Be A Flight Attendant

“Oh my gosh! You’re a flight attendant?! I always wanted to do that.” …

We give you 10 reasons why is fascinating to be a flight attendant. If you are one of them , why do you love being what you are ?

The crewlife

The only people who would understand this kind of job is someone that has been or it is a crew member. The crewlife, it is a real thing. The bond between crew members is unique. They understand one another and what they are going through. It is just awesome that they have their own workplace jargon, that only crew members understand.

Free travel

… And you get paid for it. Of course, the pay may not be as expected to be and it may never be great, but the great things is that you are seeing different places … All that for free !

Meeting people

They meet so many people. Presidental canditates, celebrities, business people going back and forth across country, musicians , military, moms, brothers, wives who left their cheating husbands, inspirational speakers… Just people! Not everyone of them is awesome, but they bring opportunities to learn something new or to get some inspiration . They might have people who cry on their shoulders, held hands of those who are fearful, laugh and tell the raunchiest jokes with a group of guys heating to Vegas for a bachelor party. So many people, so many different occasions. That is just awesome !

Flight benefits

They get free flights. As we all know how stressful pass-riding is and how much plane tickets cost , flight attendants have some other kind of reality. They get flight benefits and that is just great!

The uniforms

There is no woman on the Earth that has not, even for a once, imagined herself wearing a uniform of a flight attendant. The uniforms may not always be comfortable or glamorous , but wearing them with panty hose and high heels makes every flight attendant to feel feminine and just hot! And who doesn’t like to feel hot and satisfied when showing up to work?


Hotels are synonym of glamorous life and everyone loves hotels, just as flight attendants do. Not all of their layovers and hotels are fancy, but this job brings them opportunity to stay in hotels that someone else would just imagine.

Superheroes in the air

Many people believe that flight attendants are simply waitresses in the sky, but they actually deal with an array of bizarre scenarios that keep them on their toes. From seating issues to medical emergencies, they have to be able to handle their own from 35,000 feet in the air. Sometimes it gets dicey, but it should be found as stimulating and rewarding.


People often say they want to ride first class. Flight attendants get to first class … very often. They get a free seat if it is available , and that includes first class.

A priority line

It’s incredibly satisfying to just breeze through Customs after a long flight. No standing in line for hours, impatiently waiting for the unsmiling Customs agent to finally wave you forward and then give you the third degree for not declaring that sandwich you accidentally brought in your carry on. As a flight attendant you get a priority line and are in and out in minutes.


There is nothing that a woman would wish for more than exploring new shopping malls. Flight attendants enjoy shopping abroad and that is awesome because you discover shops and brands that you don’t have back home.