10 Things That Flight Attendants Would Like To Scream About

To be a flight attendant is not that glamorous as it’s usually known. It is a a very responsible and exhausting profession. Although they are trying to be concentrated and be able to keep everything under control, sometimes there are some situations that they would like to scream about as loud as it could be .
There is a huge amount of things to scream about but here are 10…

1. We don’t have boyfriend in every city we land !

Maybe our job is a kind of adventure , because of so many different destinations and meeting a lot of people constantly, but we definitely have not boyfriend in every city we land. We also have a private normal life as you all do!

2. Just push that lavatory door!

You see it! Just push ! It’s not a spaceship entrance! And don’t forget it’s the only place on the plane you are allowed to pee.

3. Turn off your phone!

You can’t talk on the phone after the plane has left the gate. It’s not that we pretend to be bosses, but when your phone is ON, the signal is potentially interfering with communications and pilots are trying to take off the plane and not to get struck with another one that might be landing soon.
Then we make serious face, point at the phone and say: Turn off your phone please! And we would like to scream it : OFF NOW!

4. We can’t bring a pen for all of you !

It’s not that difficult to take a pen in your bag while travelling. When you are travelling overseas, you need to fill out the immigration forms. You have a need, for sure!

5. Do you really have to go to the bathroom right now?

Can’t you just wait about 90 seconds for us to pass? We are wrestling a food cart down the aisle. You can’t act like you are home.