10 Things That Flight Attendants Would Like To Scream About

6. How can you be such an irresponsible parent ?

Babysitting is not in our job description. We are not supposed to look after your kids while you are doing something else, like watching a movie or taking a rest… And don’t forget to bring drapers for your baby. Remember, parenting is responsibility and the biggest blessing.

7. Do not grab me that way!

We really don’t like that. Anyone does. Especially on the plane, where you are comfortably sitting and we are moving around. Would you grab a waitress that way if you needed a glass of water ? You would not, for sure. Why don’t you just ask for something, politely?

8. Don’t imagine that you are in a restaurant!

For things to be clear, we do not cook on the plane!
When we offer you to choose so It’s absolutely annoying when someone asks for a specific meal. If you want some, than you should probably send a request for your wish when you book your flight.

9. You aren’t alone on the plane! Show some respect to other passengers!

Just in a case you didn’t know , you are equal to the other passengers beside you. It’s so rude to giggle or to talk loudly in your language like there is nobody around you. The plane is not a place for making your own business.

10. Don’t ignore the seat belt sign

Obviously, on every single flight , when the seat belt sign is ON, there will still be passengers that ignore that. It’s for you own safety people. It’s pretty much rude when we ask you to take your seats and fasten the seat belt while the sign is ON, and you are getting up and walk around.

The sign is ON during taking off, landing or during turbulence and because of that it’s dangerous for you to go around the plane. For sure, you wouldn’t like to smash your face.