15 Most Beautiful Beaches In Italy

During the summer the Italians mobilize and move out of their beautiful cities to something maybe more beautiful. Their beaches. With about 7500 kilometers long beaches, Italy offers a variety of places that are suited for heavenly holidays for those who want to spend an extraordinary and unforgettable summer. Beginning with the two major islands, passing trough the Tyrrhenian, Ligurian, Mediterranean and Ionian sea, ending in the Adriatic, the number of places to see and experience is infinite. The variety and the beauty offered by the Italian beaches can make even more complicated the choice of the perfect one. We have gathered the 15 most amazing and beautiful ones to narrow your search and give you the advantage to chose form the ultima……

1. Isola dei Conigli is located in Sicily. It is one of the most beautiful and characteristic beaches in the world. It is part of the natural reserve of the island of Lampedusa and every year attracts thousands of visitors with it`s characteristic blue colour. To swim in this beach is considered a really unique experience.

2. Gala Goloritze is located in Sardinia. It is one of the best ranked beaches of the region. Most of the tourist that have visited it talk about it as of the paradise on Earth. The beauty of the surroundings and it`s wild nature make of this beach on of the gems of the Mediterranean.

3. Spiaggia di Arienzo is located in Campania. This beach makes part of the beautiful collection of the beaches in the Amalfitan coast. It is close to Positano

4. Cala li cossi (costa paradiso) is located in Sardinia. It is one of the favourite places of the photographers, partially because of the view it offers and partially because of the red color of the rocks that surround it.

5. Riserva dello Zingaro is located in Sicily. It is an incredible place to enjoy a swim in the wild and crystalline waters of the zone. It is accessible only by foot after a long walk in the beautiful natural reserve of about 1700 hectares that this beach makes part of.

6. Isola bella is located in Sicily. One of the pearls of the mediterranean, located in the vicinity of the famous city of Taormina. It is covered by small white stones, that complemented by the astonishing color of the water make it a place worth visiting.

7. Scala dei Turchi is located in Sicily. It is famous for the appearance of the rocks that surround it, that create a tall white wall that looks like it is made of ice. It is definitely worth visiting.

8. Spiaggia di Tropea is located in Calabria. It is a compulsory place to visit if you are in the region and go trough Vibo Valentia. The city that surrounds it looks like floating over it and give it a distinctive feature.

9. Tonnara di Scopello is located in Sicily. Just a couple of years ago it was totally unknown to people outside of the surrounding area. It has a very suggestive panorama and the rocks emerging from the sea just enhance the experience.

10. San Vito Lo Capo is located in Sicily. This beach has characterized by the gentile white sand and the hot and Carribean­like waters that surround it.

11. Cala Mariolu is located in Sardinia. Located in the Gulf of Orisei, this beach will leave you with your mouth opened. It is covered with small white and pinkish stones called “snow flakes” by the locals.

12. Spiaggia La Pelosa is located in Sardinia. Famous for its clear waters and the vegetation that surrounds it. It is shaped by the sea currents in small and secluded natural pools.

13. Cala Rossa is located in Sicily. It is surrounded by square shaped stone walls that give it a very pleasing and inviting look. For many it is the most beautiful of the beaches on the island of Egardi.

14. Torre dell`Orso is located in Pulia. It is a spectacle of nature, pelasing both the spirit and the body. It is very clean and comfortable.

15. Monterosso al mare located in Liguria is a very picturesque beach in the Ciqnue Terre.