25 Emotions You’ll Feel On A Long Haul Flight

Not all long-haul flights have to be miserable and boring! When you think better of all the emotions and situations you get on long haul flights they seem quite funny! If you don’t have a smile on your face yet that check these situations immediately!

1. When you get a free upgrade

2. When you get a whole row to yourself

3. When you try making conversation with the person next to you and get shut down

4. When you’re in line for the toilet and the fasten seatbelt sign gets turned on

5. When you’re in the toilet and turbulence hits

6. When you’re trying to get the flight attendants’ attention

7. When someone refuses to stay seated whilst the seatbelt sign is switched on

8. When the person to your right gets the last chicken dinner and you’re left with fish

9. When you arrive to use the toilet at the exact same time as a fellow passenger

10. How you think the person next to you will react if you make them move so you can get up

11. When you’re a smoker about to board your flight

12. When your food arrives

13. When you taste the food

14. When the person in front of you reclines their seat all the way back when you’re eating

15. Every time you hit turbulence

16. When the flight attendant announces they can’t serve food until the plane has cleared the turbulence

17. When the kid who keeps kicking the back of your seat gets told to sit down and shut up by his dad

18. When the movie selection doesn’t suck

19. When the food doesn’t suck

20. When you manage to fall asleep for seven hours and wake up just in time for breakfast

21. When you realise there’s free booze and you didn’t know there was free booze

22. When a sex scene comes on in the film you’re watching

23. When they announce the plane is beginning its descent

24. When you disembark at your destination

25. How you feel after every long haul flight

If you have any funny story that actually happened to you on any flight, feel free to share it in the comments below! We will be more than glad to hear about it and publish it on our site!