5 Basic Things Passengers Should Deal With Immediately!

This is just a short guidance for passengers on few basic things they should deal with immediately.
This way flight attendants will be able to do their job easily:

1. Flight attendant’s cart is not only a cart, it is basically their desk.

You wouldn’t walk into someones office you don’t know and take something off their desk without asking. Or put trash on it!

2.Taking your shoes off and putting your bare feet up!

Walk bare foot where people have died , given birth , vomited , urinated and god knows what else ? We are just warning you . Do not forget your feet swell up and shoes do not go back on with such ease. Flight attendants may not care so much but the rest of the passengers do…

3.You give your carry on luggage immediately to your flight attendant and say “Find a place for it!”

You can’t be serious right? Each flight attendant on a daily level meets 1000 people averagely and you are implying that they should lift up everyone’s bag in the overhead compartment? Maybe passengers should be more realistic with their expectations and take care of their carry on luggage as they did from home all the way down to the plane… Just saying ..

4.Time for landing and mothers refuse to fasten their kids only because they don’t want to wake them up!

Having your seat belts fasten for landing is not because of fun, courtesy or whatever! It’s for your safety and the safety of your kids, so when next time flight attendant asks you to fasten your kids please be so kind and do it, for your kid’s well being at least! God damn it!


5. You think your flight attendant is simply a waitress and a nanny? Both jobs could be done by a high school girl looking for a part time!

Yes flight attendants are firefighters, security officers, nurses and the people who will essentially put their life before yours in the event of an on board emergency. We are definitely not nannies nor waitresses. If you think this job could be done by a high school girl then please tell us what do YOU do so vitally important to the society that gives you right to such an attitude?