5 Reasons Why Does The Women With Smaller Breasts Have A Better Life

1.They are better in bed because they enjoy more

Even though the porn industry and the mass media promote big breasted women as sex symbols, the small breasted women have a better sexual life. A study of the University of Vienna had shown that the women with bigger breasts are 24% less sensitive to the sexual stimuli. Given the fact that women with smaller breast have less fat tissue in their breasts, that are more sensitive to the touch on their breasts and can be stimulated more easily. This study has also shown that women with smaller breasts have more orgasms than those with bigger ones.

2.They maintain the young look longer

During their teenage years, this girls are not very satisfied with their look, but in the later period of their life, they understand how to give value to the size of their breasts and to regard them as an advantage. Multiple studies have shown that smaller breast are easily connected with the image of youth, and women with smaller breast generally look younger, thinner, and more feminine.

3.The gravity is not the enemy of smaller breasts

With the time passing, the breasts can descend towards the belly button for as much as 4-5 inches. This, in the biggest part happens to women with bigger breasts, while the women with smaller breasts have a significantly smaller risk of their breasts descending. Smaller breasts are lighter and their weight is more easily bearable by the pectoral muscles. And of course, women with smaller breasts can sunbathe topless even when they are 50 years and older.

4.This women reject the chauvinist males

Males whose only criteria concerning the female beauty are the big breasts are more shallow and have more conservative and rude thoughts regarding the women. The study of the University of Vienna had shown that men who express more chauvinistic attitude usually like women with bigger breasts and regard the women as the “weaker” sex.

5.They attract the situated men

According to evolution, the women with more fat tissue are seen as wealthier and with no need of someone to provide them with food and resources, had shown a study of the magazine “Psychology Today”. According to this, the women with bigger breasts attract men who are afraid for their economic status, while the women with smaller breast attract situated and rich men.