7 Reasons Why Being A Flight Attendant Is The Best Job

Whether you’ve already considered it or not, being a flight attendant should have serious appeal whether you’re looking to change your current career or are weighing up your options after university. If you love to travel, are good with people, but need a good work-life balance, then being a flight attendant could be for you.

And if you are already a flight attendant, and after so many flight you started to get tired, these 7 reason for loving your job more, can refresh you and set you with new energy to keep working it and enjoying it.

We’ve taken a look at the seven biggest reasons that being a flight attendant is such a great job:

1. It’s all about the team

Teamwork is a vital part of a successful working environment, but when you’re a flight attendant your team don’t just work together, they travel, go sightseeing and shopping together, too.

2. No glass ceiling

Being a flight attendant might not make you a millionaire, but you can guarantee that this industry pays its people equally.

3. Constant change

You’ll be flying all over the world, meeting new people and learning a lot. Many flight attendants are bilingual, and with the places you’ll see and the people you’ll meet the possibilities are endless.

4. You get a lot of discounts

Many people believe that flight attendants only get discounts on the airline they work for. This isn’t true – many airlines offer their employees’ partner discounts ranging from restaurants, car rental and hotels off season. Some, larger operators, even offer staff discounts on rival airlines, as long as they are booked through third party discount flight comparison sites such

5. The uniform is provided

Unlike some ground-bound employers who make their staff pay for their uniform, as a rule airlines provide flight attendant’s uniforms for free.

6. Great work-life balance

If you work on long-haul flights, you can get as many as five days off afterwards, meaning you get to spend plenty of quality time with your loved ones, or go and explore wherever it is you’ve landed. This job really is the travel lover’s dream.

7. It’s a long career

According to statistics, people now tend to look for a new job every 4.4 years on average. Flight attendants, on the other hand, tend to stay in their jobs for their entire career – and that says a lot about the job itself.