How Can The Antioxidants Save You From Almost Everything?

The cause of many of the severe illness is the oxygen. Yes, believe it or not, it is the oxygen that both allows us to live but at the same time kills us slowly. Our cells are constantly being damaged by the oxygen reactions in them. This leads to the damage of the tissue and the organs, which results in at least 60 chronic diseases, such as chronic inflammation,  included the process of ageing.

There are two forces in constant battle in our bodies, the free oxygen molecules, referred to as free oxygen radicals (oxidants), and the antioxidants. The free oxygen radicals, the oxidants, destroy the cells constantly, gradually and insensibly during the life. This is a process that can`t be avoided because the oxygen is essential for the cell metabolism. So, the only thing we can do to prevent the harmful effect of the oxidants. It is the continuous and frequent intake of food rich in antioxidants.

The antioxidants are mainly contained in the food we eat.  They are the main mode in which we can help our body to fight the oxidants. The main antioxidants are the vitamins C, A and E, the selene, but also the lycopene, lutein and the glutathione.

Which food contains most antioxidants?

When you pick fruits and vegetables, go for the darker colored ones because they contain a bigger amount of antioxidant. Also it is important to know that the fresh fruit and vegetables contain more antioxidants that the canned, thermally processed food.This said, the food that contains the biggest amount of antioxidants is: the black grapes, red onions, the cabbage, the cauliflower, the broccoli, and all the green leaved vegetables, the garlic, the olive oil, the pink grapefruit.

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