How Can The Food Help You To Cope With The Stress : Top 9 Antistress Foods

The stress is the arch enemy of our health and the good look, but many accept it as something normal and don’t try to reduce its harmfulness even though they know the negative effect on the health. There are many ways to reduce anxiety and stress, and the absolute best one is through the  food we use daily. It is scientifically proven that certain foods can reduce stress and its consequences.


The Celery has a wide range of calming effects. The studies have shown that a daily amount of only 4 celery stalks can reduce the blood pressure which is one of the first signs of stress.


The Garlic has been used for over two millennia as one of the most powerful antibacterial, antiviral and anti depressive foods. this properties will help you reduce the inflammation, which affects the blood circulations. It also reduces the level of blood glucose and boosts the detoxification of the body. This affects the whole body and reduces the signs of stress.

3.Cruciferous Vegetables

The Cruciferous Vegetables, mainly the broccoli, cauliflower, kale and the horseradish contain high amount of sulfic compounds that stimulate the enzymes which are important for preventing the development of precancerous and cancer diseases.


All the species of fatty fish such as salmon mackerel and sardines are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium and zinc which have a good effect on the brain function and the health of the cardiovascular system, thus reducing the negative effect of the stress.


It is known that the Chamomile tea can help you deal with the insomnia, bowel problems and anxiety. The Chamomile tea also increases the levels of the hippuric acid those preventing infections.

6. Chocolate

Even before the Europeans started adding sugar into the Chocolate, the Aztecs promoted the bitter taste of the cocoa for its positive effects on the health. Researches have shown that 40 grams of dark chocolate a day can help the body to deal with the stress while at the same time promoting the excretion of the hormone of happiness known as beta endorphin.


This Fruits contain high levels of vitamin B, zinc magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids, all of which the body uses under stress. The nuts except of being a healthy food, also reduce the appetite balance the level of glucose in the blood and boost the metabolism.

8.Olive Oil

The Olive Oil as one of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet apart of being one of the purest and healthiest foods also helps in preventing depression and helps the body to deal with the inflammation. There are strong evidences that the olive oil protect us from the oxidation stress which is the main cause of cardiac diseases.

9. Forest Fruits

Forest Fruits such as blueberries,blackberries and raspberries are rich in antioxidants which help the circulation, the brain function and stop the premature aging of the skin which are caused by the chronic stress. This fruits also contain natural acids that help the detoxification of the body and the regulation of the female hormones.