What flight attendants usually forget but is crucial for their job?

When you are being a flight attendant for quite some time, you start focusing on so many things around and solving so many issues at the…

The 10 Most Annoying Things People Ask Me About My Job As A Flight Attendant

It’s human nature to be curious about someone else’s job, especially when that job is something that is so rare or has been the butt of…

Unusual Things Flight Attendants Always Do Without Being Aware

1. Become an octopus No, you didn`t misunderstand. After a couple of years of working, almost every flight attendant becomes an octopus. They practice the skill…

What Does The Flight Attendants Boyfriend Know That You Don`t?

1. How important the time, the date and the time zone are When you are in a relationship with a flight attendant you will know that…

7 Reasons Why Being A Flight Attendant Is The Best Job

Whether you’ve already considered it or not, being a flight attendant should have serious appeal whether you’re looking to change your current career or are weighing…

9 Airports Where Getting Stuck Is Actually Fun

Unless you’re enjoying the first-class lounge, you probably want to minimize how much of your precious vacation time is spent at the airport. Cramped and uncomfortable…

Aviation Quotes That Will Make Your Day!

Each profession has its own funny aspects and hilarious quotes, which sound so true to the insiders and seem so humorous to the ones seeing the…
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