20 Jokes That Only Cabin Crew Would Understand

Let’s face it: Nothing beats a little practical joke in the workplace to brighten up the day! It just so happens if your workplace is at…

How To Increase Your Income If You Work As A Flight Attendant 

Many flight attendants look for ways to supplement their income, but often find it difficult to land a second job given their circumstances. Being constantly on…

10 Astonishing Skills Of Flight Attendants You Didn’t Know About

Flying isn’t a profession – it’s a calling. Friendly, highly resistant to stress – flight attendants can withstand all kinds of turbulence. In fact, it’s at…

Benefits That Will Convince You To Become a Cabin Crew

Why is a flight attendant career so desirable? Isn’t it low pay and long hours away from home? It definitely takes a special person who can…

Business Skills You Can Learn From Flight Attendants

You didn’t expect to learn anything from a flight attendant, right? Don’t take people for granted as you can probably learn something even from a five-year-old.…

Prepare for this: What People Think About Cabin Crew!

People may think everything about Cabin Crew. But, they are actually pretty normal people. They may be married with children, not looking for dates for the…

Did You Know That Flying Is Statistically The Safest Way To Travel?

It’s only human to fear something with which you are not familiar. Aeroplanes make strange noises and turbulence can make you feel like your stomach’s falling.…

Cabin Crew Know Best: How To Look Fresh On Long Flights

If anyone knows how to look fresh at 34,000 feet, it’s the cabin crew. Learn about how they manage to maintain their glamorous appearance, even after…

15 Funny Illustrations Showing The Cabin Crew Life

What can happen 35,000 feet in the air? Here are some funny illustrations that show the glamorous and not so glamorous cabin crew life. Are these…

You Will Fall In Love With These Haute Couture Uniforms For Flight Attendants

Who wouldn’t want to be stylish at work ? And who wouldn’t want to fly with an airline where the flight attendants are wearing elegant ,…
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