10 Must Have Applications For Flight Attendants

With all this smartphone madness of the 21st century, we thought it would be a good idea to round up some of the best apps out…

Flight Attendants: Get Fit, Don’t Quit!

It comes down to one simple thing : How bad do you want it ? Traveling, especially by plane, is hard on your body. Cabin pressurization,…

10 Brilliant Reasons Why Is Fascinating To Be A Flight Attendant

“Oh my gosh! You’re a flight attendant?! I always wanted to do that.” … We give you 10 reasons why is fascinating to be a flight…

Are You On Instagram? Don’t Miss These Hot Flight Attendants!!!

For most of the flight, flight attendants are the incarnation of beauty, elegance and sensuality… Take a look at this collection of the sexiest air beauties…

What Does It Take To Become a Flight Attendant

You want be a flight attendant ? Although there are plenty of flight attendant jobs out there, there are even more flight attendant candidates. Despite the…

Creepy Secrets That Flight Attendants And Pilots Would Never Tell You

Some people are afraid of what they know, rather than what they don’t know. If you’re a frequent flyer, there are two approaches to this list…

Top 20 Funny Airline Announcements

What makes flying fun? How about funny airline announcements? 1. “Today’s flight should take about 3 hours, but luckily I know a shortcut so we might…

Every Woman Should Know: Beauty Secrets From Flight Attendants

Everyone wants to walk off of a plane feeling healthy, glowing and rested , which is very hard to do after spending hours in the air!…

10 Ways To Make A Flight Attendant Incredibly Happy

Sometimes, it’s the smallest of gestures that can bring the widest of smiles. Use these 10 tips on how to make your flight attendant happy and…

Coffee, Tea Or Travel Tips ?

Maybe Friday the 13th, the first one in the new year, is behind us , but here we present you 13 advice about traveling . Could…
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