Celebrities Kicked Off A Plane By Flight Attendants!

Rules are rules when we discuss aviation and they have to be respected, ”even” when sometimes the passengers are Celebrities. Flight attendants have no mercy towards anyone when safety in question or unruly behavior on board.

These are few of the celebrities kicked off a plane by flight attendants:

1.Victoria Osteen

Victoria Osteen, wife of televangelist Joel Osteen, pastor of the Houston-based Lakewood Church, was removed from an airplane in December 2005 for failing to comply with flight attendant requests, according to the FBI report. Osteen was upset about liquid found on her seat while boarding. When flight attendants could not help her right away, she reportedly stormed towards the cockpit, knocking over one flight attendant and arguing with another, reports the Washington Post. The incident was considered a federal offense and she was of-course, kicked off the plane!

2. Jonathan Rhys Myers

In May 2010, Radar Online reported that Jonathan Rhys Myers was banned from flying United Airlines after using racial slurs while drunk on the aircraft. After the incident the “Tudors” star entered rehab.

3.Sharon Stone

Actress and former model, Sharon Stone was detained by police when she arrived in Salt Lake City in July 2009 after she threw a tantrum on-board when flight attendants made her check her second bag, reports Radar Online. Witnesses say that Stone made a scene the entire flight.

4.Kevin Smith

Film director and actor Kevin Smith was removed from an airplane in February 2010 for being a “safety risk” because he was too fat to fit in his seat. The “Clerks” director said he usually buys two seats, but was flying standby that day. A representative for the airline later called Smith to apologize.


Oscar winning actress and comedian, Mo’Nique, was kicked off an airplane in 2006 for arguing with a flight attendant over First Class overhead space. The “Precious” star’s hairstylist was apparently attempting to stow a hairdryer when the flight attendant approached them. Mo’Nique reportedly became upset by the way the attendant was talking to them and got into a heated argument that resulted in her removal from the plane.

6.Naomi Campbell

Supermodel, Naomi Campbell was handcuffed and removed kicking and screaming by police from a plane in April 2008. Campbell’s tantrum began when a flight attendant told the British model that one of her bags had been lost, reports the BBC. She was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer and later released on bail. Known for her “diva outbursts” the loyal British Airways customer has now been banned from the airline, reports the Daily Mail.