Coffee, Tea Or Travel Tips ?

Maybe Friday the 13th, the first one in the new year, is behind us , but here we present you 13 advice about traveling .

Could you accept these travel tips from a flight attendant ?

1.  Read the emergency card in the seat pocket and locate your nearest emergency exit. Chances are that nothing is going to happen, but you should know what to do if something does.

2. Don’t check your bag if you can help it. It saves time upon landing and forces you to pack smart.

3. Pack smart. Always include a sweater and a bathing suit. You can’t predict the weather. Include one dress-up item and comfortable clothes in basic black or khaki. Bring two pairs of comfortable shoes that match everything. Leave jewelry at home.

4. In a smaller bag carry your toiletries, something to read, your tickets, and a copy of your itinerary. This bag goes under the seat in front of you, the other bag goes in the overhead.

5. Bring and use moisturizer. Nothing dries out your skin like airplane air.

6. As soon as you board, grab a pillow and blanket, even if you think you don’t want them. You won’t be able to find any after takeoff.

7. Dress comfortably. The temperature on a plane changes frequently, so the trick is to layer. Wear short sleeves, even in winter, and comfortable shoes that you can slip on and off easily. Then pack socks and a sweater in your larger carry-on, even in summer.

8. In your suitcase, pack an empty bag that folds up nice and flat for souvenirs and other purchases you’ll want to bring home.

9. Do you have any work-arounds for the “one carry-on and one personal item” rule? Bring your roller bag, a tote, and a purse (hiding the purse in the tote). It’s a great way to bring everything on that you need.

10. The most indispensable item to have with you when you travel? Ziploc bags. They hold wet bathing suits, smelly socks, seashells and sea glass, brochures and menus and newspaper clippings, rolls of film, bars of soap — everything and anything you can imagine.

11. What is one item that most people pack unnecessarily? Too many outfits, and shoes. You do not need that many shoes.

12. Everyone seems to travel with a laptop, iPad, phone, camera, headphones, etc. Any tips or tricks for packing electronics? Think about what you will really need. If I am traveling for fun and not work, I just bring my phone, which also doubles as my reading device and my camera. Most phones take amazing pictures now, and they also double as books, etc. Also, definitely get the plug extender with USB charge port so you only need cords and aren’t lugging around extra plugs.

13. Don’t fly while congested. Believe me, it’s painful. But not only that, it can actually result in permanent damage to your eardrums. Sometimes it is not always an option to change a flight if you get a cold, so to protect yourself from hearing loss and other side effects use earplugs, which will help your ears adjust to the pressure changes. Also try taking medicine like Mucinex or a nasal spray, that will liquefy the mucus, which will reduce risk of pain.