Eat Chili Peppers And Live Longer

New Chinese research made on a population sample of 500 000 persons between the age of 35 and 79 years shows that eating chili peppers can really make us live longer. This mega research conducted during 7 years by an international team of researchers guided by the Chinese academy of health sciences has verify that people who consumed chili food once or twice in a week reduced the mortality risk for more them 10 %. People who also added spices in there food three to seven times a week reduces the mortality risk for more than 14 %.

This benefit is probably due to the high level of capsaicine, vitamin C and other nutrients found in this food. This research published in the British Medical Journal was done on persons aged between 35 and 79 years living in ten different geographical areas of china.They were all asked what type of spices do they consume and how often do they do so. The chili pepper largely used in China was the most frequent answer.

As researcher Nita Forouhi from the Cambridge University explains all of the benefits from consuming chilli peppers come from the capsaicin, an alcaloide present in them which,except of giving the chili taste of the peppers,also has a wide range of benefits for the body: It is a strong antioxidant and antiinflammatory agent and also prevents cancer development. The experts for the time given are still quite and observe this research.As they say, It is necessary to investigate this findings more closely so that it can be deteminded if the chili food is capable of extending the human life and reduce the mortality rates in a direct way or it is just a part of a wider range of measures that also include the dietary habits and the life style in general.