Flight Attendants Reveal What They Notice About You During Boarding

Flight attendants may seem chipper and carefree, but don’t be fooled:
While pouring bubbly and chatting with travelers, these trained first responders are also keeping a close watchover the planefor threats, starting the very moment you board.

If you ask the flight attendants to name the first thing they notice about passengers when they board a plane, Most of their answers have less to do with judging your in-flight look and more about keeping you safe. The right boarding behavior could score you better service, too.

Here’s what the cabin crew notices:

If you look them in the eye

They notice who makes eye contact with me and who doesn’t. More often than not, the ones who don’t make eye contact make them investigate…

Are they scared of flying? Are they feeling okay? Are they dealing with a personal issue? These are things people don’t tell you outright, and a facet of the flight attendant’s job is making sure everyone is having a comfortable flying experience.

If you talk to them

When cabin crew say hello and a passenger responds back, they usually notice and think, ‘wow, that person is really nice.’ If they ever needed help with something, they will probably ask the nice passenger. And if a passenger ever needs help from them, they will probably go above and beyond the call of duty for a nice passenger.

If you’re in shape

You may not believe, but flight attendants often are looking for able bodied persons who can assist with security problems inflight, as well as someone who appears willing and able to assist in an emergency evacuation. Typically, this is someone who is traveling alone and in street clothes, looks like they are in above average physical shape or is known emergency service personnel.

If you’re nervous

Flight attendants ask passengers if everything is alright if they have the feeling something isn’t perfect. Passengers with fear of flying get a special attention. Flight attendants will try to find a way to care for them and to make them feel comfortable.

If you’re pregnant

While boarding, flight attendants are searching women to see if they are hiding baby bumps with loose clothing. This is important because after a certain point in a pregnancy, women need a doctor’s certificate to travel, and after a set period they are no longer allowed to fly.

If you’re drunk

Intoxication and aggressive passengers are prime suspects they try to identify at the doors. Flight attendants are trained in basic taekwondo techniques to handle acts of aggression in the sky, but stopping them before they get up there is their main goal.

If you’re under the weather

It’s important to check if the passengers are fit to fly. Once all doors are closed and all are airborne, it can get very challenging to handle medical emergencies. During boarding is the perfect time to take a look at who will be on the flight.