You Know You Are Completely Addicted To Travel When …

… I am a travel addict on the road to recovery.
Just kidding! I am on the road to the airport .

Check out the list of 20 signs and see if you are a travel addict!

1. You have more miles in the air than you have on all your vehicles combined!

2.  The projected period of your next big trip is slated to be longer than the amount of time you anticipate being retired.

3. You sleep with your passport.

4. You live out of your suitcase even when home.

5. You can and have given tourists directions in London,Paris,Tokyo,or any other places you don’t live in… Bonus points if you can do it in the official language.

6. You’re planning one trip while on another!

7. You already know the airport codes for airports you’ve not yet visited.

8. You can pick up your luggage and guess, within a few ounces, the weight.

9. You start collecting small, clear plastic bags for check-in.

10. You sit down at your desk and reach for the seatbelt.

11. You are happiest on the road.

12. You work to fund your next trip.

13. Booking flights gives you an amazing high.

14. Thinking about all the places you haven’t been makes you feel anxious.

15. Waking up at home feels strange.

16. You have several different currencies in your possession.

17. You never truly ‘unpack’ because you are always, always ready for the next trip.

18. You believe that home is wherever you want it to be.

19. You can sleep basically anywhere.

20. You just can’t imagine staying in the same city your entire life.