Milk Alert: Lactose Intolerance! Simple Ways Of Dealing With It

About 70% of the people has some kind of stomach problems due to lactose intolerance after eating dairy products. This phenomenon is hereditary and it is most common in the Mediterranean, African and Asian populations. It is a result of the deficiency of the enzyme that is necessary in the process of lactose degradation in the stomach. The intact lactose is detained in the large bowel and ferments causing pain, bloated abdomen, tympanites and diarrhea.

Diary products that cause inconvenience: regular milk, sour cream, acidophilus milk, young cheese, butter, frozen yogurt, milk products that are added in the food industry.

Dairy products that don’t cause inconvenience: yogurt, chocolate milk.

Get used to the yogurt, it literally works for you!

The yogurt is safe for people with lactose intolerance because it is partially processed. There are cultures in the yogurt such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus that digest the lactose and during the fermentation process turn the milk in yogurt. This way your digestive system doesn’t have to be tormented by it. That is why the yogurt is safe for persons with lactose intolerance.

Chocolate milk?! Tasty and helpful!

You can try the chocolate milk. Recent researches have shown that half of the people that have lactose intolerance are not intolerant to chocolate milk and it doesn’t cause them inconveniences such as bloating and abdominal spasms. The secret of the cocoa is that it increases the activity of the lactose enzyme for about 500 to 600 times.

How to prepare chocolate milk at home: put one teaspoon of cocoa, little sugar, and three and a half teaspoons of instant chocolate drink powder in a cup of milk. Once you drink it, wait and see if it causes you any inconvenience. If it does, try drinking smaller amounts and you will eventually find the right amount for you. The most important thing is that you shouldn’t try and increasing the amount of cocoa because it is scientifically proven that smaller amount of cocoa have a stronger stimulation effect on the lactose enzyme.

What to do if you have a lactose intolerance?

You can make the consumption of dairy products less inconvenient if you:

  • drink smaller amounts of milk at once and know your lactose limit
  • combine small amounts of dairy products with other food
  • drink whole milk instead of low fat milk
  • drink chocolate milk
  • avoid sour cream, acidophilus milk and frozen yogurt