Personal Attributes That Are Required For a Flight Attendant

Do you know that flight attendants have certain personality traits that make them perfect for the job? A flight attendant needs multiple personal attributes to be effective at work.

In this business, customer service is essential. If you are an aspiring flight attendant, know that you must be a people’s person. You must be able to communicate and get along with other people easily. Once you become a cabin crew, you will be dealing with a different crew which by the way, you don’t fly every time and also with different passengers everytime you go for a flight.

Below are some of the essential skills and the personal attributes of a flight attendant that makes them fit the job.

Interpersonal Skills

Flight attendants need good “people skills,” as a great deal of their time is spent interacting with passengers. On the same flight, attendants may encounter passengers of all educational levels, cultures and attitudes. At times, flight attendants might have to calm nervous passengers, help a mother soothe a fussy baby or deal with a passenger’s unreasonable demands. Flight attendants need the ability to quickly size up their passengers and determine the appropriate actions to take to ensure a peaceful flight for all passengers.

Communication Skills

Flight attendants must be effective communicators.Their duties include advising passengers on proper emergency procedures, and conveying the information in a clear manner. They need to be good listeners to understand what passenger requests. In emergencies, flight attendants issue instructions in a concise, intelligible manner. It may be necessary at times for flight attendants to relay information to the flight crew, and they need to present the information plainly and with minimal distractions.

Physical Skills

Flight attendants need vision correctable to 20/40 and to hear well enough to understand passengers and crew. They should have a good sense of balance, as they must sometimes tend to passenger needs during turbulent conditions that makes walking difficult. Flight attendants carry small objects and move large objects, such as beverage carts, in relatively confined spaces. Flight attendants spend much of a flight in motion, walking up and down the aisles responding to passenger requests or checking that passengers fasten their seatbelts.

Other Qualities

Flight attendants need to be attentive, not just to satisfy passenger expectations, but to notice when something is not quite right, either with a passenger or a piece of equipment. They need to understand how humans behave, individually and in groups, to anticipate problems in times of passenger panic. Flight attendants must also be able to tolerate stress, exercise self-control and be sensitive to the emotions and needs of others. A flight attendant has to be a team player a they interact with other crew members regularly. They also need to be dependable, adaptable, honest, flexible and capable of making sound decisions.