Prepare for this: What People Think About Cabin Crew!

People may think everything about Cabin Crew. But, they are actually pretty normal people.
They may be married with children, not looking for dates for the night on the plane.
It is not a secret that other people have misconceptions about the job of the Cabin Crew.

Here is a list of what people think about Cabin Crew. You will be shocked!

1. They’re Waitresses.

2. They sleep with the pilots.

3. They are not educated.

4. They get paid very less.

5. They know why there was no non vegetarian meal for you on board.

6. They’re only there to serve you food and water.

7. They know every place wherever we fly over.

8. They make the Rules of Aviation Authority.

9. There are no straight male flight attendants.

10. They are all just looking for dates or rich husbands.

11. It’s their fault that somebody else decided to sit on your seat and you can’t sit anywhere else even if there’s plenty empty seats.

12. They purposely didn’t save the last meal for you.

13. They know why the previous flight was delayed that ended us with a delayed departure too.

14. They know if you can make your next connection .

15. They get to fly for free wherever and whenever they want.

Respect the Cabin Crew!

Because maintaining everyone’s safety is a their primary focus.

There job is dangerous, physically demanding, and laden with immense responsibility for the safety, security, and survival of the passengers.