Because Of These Reasons Flight Attendants Would Rather Quit Their Job

Flight attendants, are you really happy about your lifestyle? Have you ever thought about quitting your job?

It’s true that the crew gets to travel to new places, meet celebrities in first class, and experience the glamour of being an airline flight attendant.

There is more to this job than just serving coffees, teas, and meals to passengers and ensuring your makeup and hair looks perfect at all times.

If you thought this is all what you will need to do as an airline cabin crew, think again. Are they really happy about their lifestyle ?

Here are 20 reasons why flight attendants would rather quit their job.

1. Their schedule never makes any sense.

2. They forget what day it is all the time.

3. Their entire life is flying.

4. Their suitcase is bigger than they are.

5. Their list of “normal friends” becomes shorter and shorter, and list of airline friends becomes is longer and longer.

6. Their wardrobe is limited to the size of your suitcase.

7. Airplane food.

8. Airplane coffee.

9. Jet lag.

10. Delays.

11. When they recover from jet-lag, they are sent into another time-zone.

12. Dating is so difficult.

13. International airlines don’t appreciate “flair.” Nails must be natural, hair must be set in perfect place.

14. They know what’s on and not on Netflix in about five different countries.

15. Redeyes.

16. Short layovers.

17. Narcolepsy catches you in the moments when you must be wide awake.

18. Everyone thinks they have the best life, but most of the time they feel like they have no social life.

19. Their definition of a turn is a five-day.

20. They are not very happy about their income.

You are welcome to continue our list and tell us your reasons why you would rather quit the job as a flight attendant.