Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions : Will There Be a New Me As a Cabin Crew ?

May the new 2017 be all about good vibes, bigger goals, more happiness, less pain, stronger relationships and being more focused than ever.

Here are presented 10 new year’s resolutions for how to enjoy life as a cabin crew…

1.Surprise yourself with solo travel

When you are a cabin crew, you would explore places of a country on your own occasionally. Be it to a famous attraction or just to a park nearby the hotel. The feeling of having all the time to yourself to plan the day is  indescribable good. Anytime and anywhere at your own convenience. Try it, because you can get too busy and life can be stressful sometimes. You need some time for nothing but ourselves. To rejuvenate your mind and soul, coming back as a recharged and motivated person, ready to start working hard and working well!

2.Why not to become more spontaneous

When something happens suddenly, unpredictable changes your daily life routine to a better way, there are always positive feelings. It is the right time to add a little spontaneity. You will have to let go of control and to embrace the truly unpredictable world of cabin crew’s life. And who knows, new possibilities are yet to come.

3.Start to apply changes

You keep saying that you want some life changes , a new challenge, new freaky moments. But you keep being the same as usually. Not a pleasant fact, isn’t it? If you really want something different with all your being, the universe will give you that different. Once you will love it and otherwise you will be sick of it. You will be dizzy with jet lag and sick from exhaustion. But you should enjoy the difference of every day. That’s the beauty of life…

4.Make a change to your living space

Give your home a new look! You can rearrange furnitures, repaint the walls etc. Or anything that gives you a fresh feeling and feels good of your home. Be it having a soft warm side lamp in the living room for better ambience or getting a pot of plant for your balcony.

5.Smile and believe in magic

The smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. When you smile, you spread away positive energy and care that you farewell people with to match the energy you welcome them with. If you are to be trapped in a metal tube flying people around, you may as well have a good time. Life is too short to be cynical, so smile, dare to believe and leave the door open for magic moments.

6.Explore… Dream… Discover…

Go for something new. Certainly, that always brings positive change in everyone’s life. For example, instead of getting rest on your layovers, do something memorable. Discover new places , visit stores that you usually don’t, talk to unknown people, says ‘Yes’ to the new adventures. Simply, dream big!

7.Work out… Feel hot

Take care of your body, it’s the any place you have to live in! Let’s not let any factors refrain you from leading a healthier lifestyle. It’s time to start exercising! You don’t need to go crazy on the treadmill for an hour. Start slow and be consistent is the key! Give up 15 to 30 minutes a

day of your TV or cellphone time for workouts. You’ll probably feel happier after a workout

than scrolling the newsfeed on your cellphone and found out that some Hollywood celebrity

“surprised” his fans with his new shocking platinum blonde hairstyle.

8.Stuck is not the place that you should stay

Find something that will shake you. Jump wisely in the upcoming year. Get away from the habits, relationships or environments that drag you down. There are many ways that your career gives you opportunity to snap you out of feeling grounded.

9.Refresh yourself, do something for you

Start living the life that you desire for. Do what you want to do, react as your personality requires, open your mind for innovative ideas. Let go off all of those unreal expectations, walk away from the things that hold you back and if you want to achieve something, focus your energy on it. Good or bad , it is a new experience , anyway.

10.Be kind to yourself

Last, but not the least … When matters are not the way you hope it would be, don’t beat yourself up. Instead,  be optimistic, knowing that sometimes, some things are irreversible and unchangeable. There is always sunshine after the rain. Be grateful for who you are and what you have. Love yourself too as you love your loved ones!

Don’t forget to :

  • Smile more
  • Worry less
  • Accept criticism
  • Take responsibility
  • Be quiet and listen
  • Embrace change &

Love life and be a memorable cabin crew !