Why Flight Attendants Have Bulging Veins In Hands? This Is The Real Reason!

If you randomly take a look at any flight attendant, you can probably notice bulging veins in their arms but especially in their hands.
The question is “What is the real reason for this?”- Is there something wrong with their health, which is causing their veins to bulge?

As a matter of fact, there are 3 main factors causing bulging veins on flight attendants hands.

1. Age and Genetics

As flight attendants get more experience in aviation (meaning getting older) it is naturally that veins in the hands become more visible or with the time even bulging. However genetics plays not less important role. Sometimes veins can be more visible due to skin pigmentation or variety of genetics factors.

2. Low body fat

Though age and genetics are very important factors for bulging veins, they do not provide the real answer on the question why flight attendants have more bulging veins compared to the “regular people”. The real reason is actually that flight attendants under the skin of their hands have very little body fat. And why is that ? Flight attendants constantly work with fully loaded trolleys and they push and pull a lot of weight each day. This is how they lose enough fat under the skin so the veins(and muscles) are highly visible.
In fact, flight attendants job can be somehow medically compared with bodybuilding circles where people who lift weights have highly expressed bulging veins.

3. Dry surrounding

The air inside a cabin of an airplane usually has a humidity level of 10-20% which is way lower than a comfortable for human body, indoor humidity, of 30 to 65%. Dry air and constant washing of the hands makes the skin drier and even more transparent. So if some of the veins are not so visible on your hands the airplane dryness can express them definitely.

So if you are a flight attendant and your hands have bulging veins, know you know the reason!

How can you help yourself? – You can not do more than buying a proper hydrating and anti-aging hand-cream and use it regularly.

Meanwhile keep calm and push the trolley!